Video: NORTH KOREA EMP Attack Would Destroy the Entire US in 45 Minutes

North Korea threat: EMP attack can destroy a nation’s entire infrastructure in a flash KIM Jong-un needs only one hydrogen bomb to bring America to its knees. And he knows it. This is the nation-wide effect it can have in nanoseconds: instantly fry most of the nation’s power grid — and electronics. The idea is not about melting a city, set enormous fires and irradicate vast tracks of terrain. It’s about eliminating a nation’s entire infrastructure in a single flash.

There’s little surprise that North Korean state media has been lauding the power of Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP). This is where the gamma radiation of a high-altitude nuclear blast interacts with the ionosphere — a blanket of electrons and electrically charged particles surround the Earth — to send a series electromagnetic pulses spearing into the ground below. Once this burst of radiation strikes the ground it can induce strong currents — particularly in electrical cables and phone lines. This can overload and destroy electrical networks, as well as cause delicate circuit boards to fuse.



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