Trump Adviser Sebastian Gorka Is Out At The White House — REPORT

A conservative website is reporting that another one of Trump’s advisers is out at the White House. Deputy Adviser Sebastian Gorka has resigned, according to a report from the Federalist, citing “sources familiar with the situation.”

As The Washington Post has reported, Gorka has been criticized for his connection to far-right and anti-Semitic groups as well as his view that all Muslims are the enemy of the United States. And apparently he didn’t like that some of his white nationalist buddies — like Steve Bannon — had left. Gorka reportedly wrote in his resignation letter:

Gorka reported directly to Bannon, who left the White House about a week ago. After Bannon left, many wondered about whether Gorka would still have a role in the administration. The Daily Beast reported at the time that new Chief of Staff John Kelly was “displeased” with Gorka and the way he conducted himself on TV interviews.

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