The Coming Isolation of Donald Trump

By Michael Harrington

Love him, hate him, fear him… The results will be the same. Donald Trump loves the spotlight and that is where he has cornered himself.

The Democrat Party will not accept anything less than one of their own calling all of President Trump’s moves and garnering his headlines so he cannot go to them for any support. They would push for punishing his own base and he would not get any votes come next primary even if he changed to Democrat from the majority of Democrats. So we can safely nix out the Democrats.

Then there is the Establishment. Only a few of them remain and they are constantly being attacked by Trump. Sessions for example was under deep gun for a long time over the Mueller investigation. While no new noise has come from Trump regarding this it would only take one bad set of headlines to make it potentially return in full force. Others, such as Nikki Haley, are watching their own air time carefully and trying hard to not get caught by Mr. Trump being on the news. This will only build up resentment and weaken them even if they do try to help Trump in 2020.

The people working under Mr. Trump suffer from being unable to rally troops via their own charisma and actions. Trump is the one man show. Therefore Nikki Haley, in 2020 if she were to help Trump against a primary opponent, would have less people enthused about her and her endorsement of Donald Trump. Her value, and others in his administration, drop in value unless they are freed to generate positive attention on themselves.

Trump further went wrong when he terminated former GOP leader Reince Priebus. Reince was seen as the proof that Trump could and would work with the Establishment. Some even acted as if Reince was the only adult in the White House. The termination of former Republican Party Chairman Priebus definitely cooled the relationship with some of the Establishment. His endorsement of a primary opponent to Jeff Flake would have been bad enough, but endorsing Kelli Ward is sure to add fuel to the resentment against President Trump.

So the “establishment” is now no longer feeling tied to Trump except that he has an (R) next to his name. They will no longer really seek to give him cover, endorsements in the next Presidential Primary might be delayed, not given at all, or in a move that will disturb Trump – go to his opponents.

Firing Steve Bannon was probably the best way to reduce the alt-right, but at the same time those were the clowns that helped Trump the most. The problem is that Bannon is wanting to gun down (proverbially, I think) the “globalists” inside the administration. Since this faction is now the ascendant group with near total control over policy that means Bannon has trouble. In fact it is worse than that as Trump sometimes irrationally comes to the defense of people he see’s under attack wrongfully. That or General Flynn really was a Russian contact for Donald Trump and Trump felt compelled to fight for that connection. But the problem for Bannon also resides on the Trump name and ego.

If the alt-right seems to circle a large group in the administration then it is implying Trump is weak or other bad images to Trump. This is not how you get your agenda from outside the White House. Therefore Trump will start to attack Bannon, Brietbart News, and sections of the alt-right. More so is that it will upset his family who will definitely make waves against the ousted Bannon. At the same time he is being handed a defeat of major levels for trying to give the alt-right cover. A plan probably perpetuated by Steve Bannon, thus the firing of course.

Trump further cannot hire talent for most of his open administration positions. Besides the “loyalty test” which requires individuals to pledge loyalty to Donald, the fact that the new position will not help them get headlines at all, puts them in the line of fire for a quick-firing for actually doing their jobs, and in being undercut if they do come out with some view… Means Trump is hurting badly for new talent.

Most positions have no nominees. While there is some resistance in Congress over current nominees the lack of applicants is a crisis entirely manufactured by the Trump leadership style. So there will be a lack of qualified persons in his administration to come to bat for him in the next Primary for that reason as well.

In the trenches Trump is losing support by his attempt to white wash the actions of White Nationalists. Further his efforts to REPLACE and not REPEAL Obamacare and his failures at all turns for all types has made him seem weak and passive to voters. He never lead, never went into the trenches, to get it changed. His tactic was to utter that he wanted change then throw a tantrum when it did not.

Geopolitically Trump has isolated himself as well. Israel is upset with the various wish washiness from Trump. Our normal allies are frustrated entirely with the Trump administration. Now he did withdraw from the Paris Accords (a move I agree with) but he failed to make a good case for it via proxies.

The military, while obedient, has issues as well since Trump issues orders on the fly with no advance notification. His spurious and sudden commands leave them flat-footed and requires them to spend extra time to push the newest thing through.

Trump has only got those who stand to profit from him making better relations with Russia, those who have accepted that they made mistakes but are now trying to hide from any attention, and those who want to push the nation into the left that Hillary Clinton wanted. That Trump has not fired the IRS director, and many other key Democrats in administration positions, stands the test for this statement.

The next State of the Union Speech will demonstrate how far Trump has dropped in the Republican Party. It may come as a shocker to some but it is building up. Trump is already a complete lame duck beholden to Congress for their desires now.


Michael Harrington is a political activist, conservative, a statistician, and an army veteran






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