Why social media apps should be in your disaster kit

If you aren’t already familiar with social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, it’s about time you learn about them. Social media has become a unique communication tool during times of crisis, elections and to help disseminate breaking news or organize community groups.  Many of these apps are free in the iPhone store or on Google Play for Android, and others are also available online through their respective websites. 

With floodwaters at four feet and rising, a family in Houston, Texas abandoned their possessions and scrambled to their roof during Hurricane Harvey to sit with their pets and await rescue. Unable to reach first responders through 911 and with no one visible nearby, they used their cellphones to send out a call for help through a social media application called Nextdoor.

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Why Twitter’s “New” Terms of Service Are Making People Mad

AllAfrica.com is reporting that Twitter has changed their terms of service, stating that: “Twitter has made some changes to its terms of service (ToS) for it users that take effect in October. The terms of service restate that once content is posted on online news and social networking service twitter, it can be reused by others. News organizations, other companies and individuals can already use content found on the site, as it is public and is already considered FAIR USE.”
However, these terms have been in place in the US all along, but they simply added a new address in Europe and announced the same ToS will apply outside the US beginning Oct 2, 2017.

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Meet Hamilton 68 Designed to Detect Fake News and Russian Bots on Social Media

Listen to how fake news being spread online is being detected with a new tool called Hamilton 68, named after Alexander Hamilton and The Federalist Papers 68.

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Former CNN commentator becomes Trump’s news anchor reporting “Real News” from Trump Tower

Kayleigh Mcenany, former CNN commentator and Trump supporter becomes Trump’s “Real News” anchor, reporting what the Trump admin considers factual reporting.

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Video:Alex Jones retracts #pizzagate allegations and apologizes

On March 24, 2017 conspiracist and Trump supporter Alex Jones retracted his reporting on the “pizzagate” human trafficking and child sex conspiracy being spread online by numerous pro Trump, alt right websites.

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Court Says Politicians Can’t Block Critics on Social Media

Looks like Trump may have to unblock his social media critics soon. A Virginia district Judge recently ruled that politicians can’t block critics on social media, especially if their account is being used for political input and opinions. Since the president represents every US citizen he should not block his critics, according to the suit doing so violates their first amendment rights. However, off topic comments can be removed or blocked/hidden. An upcoming court case against Trump will rule specifically on whether Trump can block his critics, but this Virginia court ruling sets a precedent in favor of the first amendment and Trump’s critics.

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The History Of R. Kelly Abuse Allegations Spans More Than 20 Years

Following years of sexual abuse allegations, mostly against minors, and legal settlements, R Kelly is back in the news with new accusations by parents who say R Kelly is keeping their daughters controlled in a cult like atmosphere as sex slaves.

BuzzFeed News published a report on Monday outlining new allegations accusing R&B singer R. Kelly of running a “cult” and trapping women against their will, demanding sexual favors, and controlling every aspect of their lives.

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The Hypocritical Dishonesty Of The Net Neutrality Campaign

Net neutrality isn’t about censorship, but who will pay for faster Internet speeds. If ISPs are to keep up with consumer demands for fast broadband for live streaming the companies who provide live streaming and the ISPs need to work together to negotiate the cost of upgrades. Right now streaming services like Netflix expect the ISPs to pay for upgraded fiberoptics, but ISPs believe streaming service providers should pay for the upgrades. Either way consumers will need to pay more because corporations always increase prices when the cost for service increases. So if you like your Netflix and faster broadband expect to pay more. Net neutrality is not about free speech nor the first amendment, but cost control and government regulations. Remember, anytime government gets involved more regulations, control and expensive things usually come for the consumer.

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Health Hazards of Cell Phone Use

If you charge your phone while in bed beware of the fire hazards. In addition to fire safety, prolonged use of cell phones leads to stress, anxiety & more, including possible ADHD and poor eyesight.

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#CNNBlackMail is fake news?

Thankfully this non story has disappeared from social media and the news headlines. I refrained from posting about it at the time, but have to admit it would have been wrong to reveal the identity of the individual who made the CNN-WWE meme. Reports indicate he is a teenager but regardless of age, his identity should never be revealed unless the post was an actual threat against the president or anyone else. Our right to free speech and freedom of expression must remain protected. The press has the protections of the first amendment, but this does not give them the right to reveal anonymous sources or other individuals simply because they disagree with what they say or believe.

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