Perspectives On Gun Violence: Mass Shootings Are Not ‘Inevitable’; It Is ‘A Mental Health Issue’

In response to the weekend’s mass shooting in a small town in Texas, opinion writers offer their ideas on why gun violence continues to plague the United States.

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Gucci Wins Latest Round in Legal Battle With Forever 21

Monday’s decision to dismiss the fast fashion retailer’s complaint bodes well for the luxury brand in the ongoing trademark conflict.

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Updates: Male shooter kills at least 20 at Texas church;shooting may have been on video

According to a local official, at least 27 are dead and over 20 injured. Other reports say a two-year-old was also shot. Per CNN the church is known to live stream their services on their Youtube channel, so it’s possible the shooting may have been seen live or that there is a video of the shooting incident.
Several news outlets are confirming the shooters name is Devin Patrick Kelly(spelling of shooter unconfirmed) and that his home is being searched for explosives and other clues. Devin Kelly reportedly was dishonorably discharged from the military and is believed to be a Muslim convert.

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Twitter Removes 2,752 Accounts Linked to Russian Operatives

While Facebook stated that as many as 80,000 posts, seen by up to 126 million Americans, were made by accounts connected to Russian operatives, Twitter revised their findings quite a bit as well. Since September they have found an additional 2,551 Russian accounts, bringing their total up to 2,752.

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There was a time you could be called a proud Democrat and it would mean something. There was a time you could be called a dedicated Republican and you could take that to the bank.

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Trump Says He Called ‘Every Family’ of Soldiers Who Died. But Some Never Heard From Him

However, according to reports the mother in law of La David’s widow Myeshia, and another family member confirmed that Trump was rude and agreed with what the congresswoman said.

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Trump Unaware He’s The President Of U.S. Virgin Islands

Is President Donald Trump aware residents of the U.S. Virgin Islands are, in fact, Americans? It’s unclear. In a speech Friday, Trump said he’d recently “met with the president of the Virgin Islands” to discuss the recent hurricanes that have devastated Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and the island. But Trump could not have spoken to the…

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The so-called Trump Campaign “investigation” is nothing more than a canard. But it is a lot more than meets the borscht. 

Remember when Trump said this March that he was being wiretapped by Obama at Trump Tower? Everybody, including Republicans, laughed at him.

How could this clueless inexperienced politician accuse the previous administration of what amounts to the seditious overthrow of an election? How

dare he tie that on the first black president of the United States?! DOG WHISTLE RACIST ALERT!

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Viewpoints: The Last Happy Doctor; The Controversial Notion The Government Should Boost It’s Citizens’ Wellbeing

A selection of opinions on health care from around the country.

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Looking Forward: Will Republicans Take To Heart This Repeal Experience Or Will ‘Trumpcare Errors’ Resurface In Tax Reform Debate?

Editorial pages highlight these questions and also explore what might be next on the health reform horizon.

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