How the Right Lost Its Mind and Embraced Donald Trump

This is a painful story for me to write. For a quarter of a century, I was a major part of the conservative movement. But like many on the right, in the wake of Donald Trump’s victory I had to ask some uncomfortable questions. The 2016 presidential campaign was a brutal, disillusioning slog, and there…

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Mary, Joseph, and Saint John: Historic Disasters of 5777 Have Had Astounding BIBLICAL Connections

On the Feast of Trumpets, the first night of Rosh Hashanah 5778, two names dominating mainstream news coverage are Biblical – JOSEPH and MARY. A third well-known name amongst believers has also been capturing headlines, and that is Saint JOHN. I do not believe that this is all coincidence, but rather that God is trying to get our attention. By connecting 3 of the most recognizable people in His Son’s earthly life to recent historic judgments, I believe the Father is signalling that Lord Jesus is EN ROUTE to soon rapture the faithful. So, exactly how have Jesus’ earthly guardians and the author of Revelation been associated with the recent historic disasters? The first connections that I noticed came during Hurricane Harvey. A statue of the Virgin Mary was the ONLY item left standing after a home burned to the ground in Corpus Christi, Texas. It is very interesting that Corpus Christi, the City which bore the brunt of Harvey’s initial landfall, is Latin for the “Body of CHRIST”. About 3 days after Harvey dissipated, another massive Hurricane formed, and was named after God’s chosen Virgin – MARIA. For those who don’t know, Maria is the Italian/Spanish translation for MARY. I […]

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“It’s Like SODOM AND GOMORRAH”: In Less Than Two Weeks, Two Massive EARTHQUAKES Devastate Mexico

“It’s like Sodom and Gomorrah, like God is angry at us”… These were the words of Jorge Diaz, a Mexican government employee, after the second powerful earthquake in 12 days devastated Mexico. On September 7th, the most powerful quake to strike Mexico in a century, an 8.1 magnitude, destroyed thousands of homes and was felt by tens of millions of people. It left nearly 100 Mexicans dead. Yesterday’s 7.1 magnitude earthquake, though striking 100 miles from Mexico City, destroyed at least 45 structures in the country’s Capital. The latest quake struck on the 32nd anniversary of Mexico’s 1985 quake that left more than 10,000 people dead. 12 hours after Tuesday’s disaster, Mexico’s death toll stands at over 200, and is expected to rise. Widespread damage was reported in Morelos, Puebla and in Mexico State. The massive 8.1 quake was not the headline news that it should have been. This is because it struck at the same time that Hurricanes Harvey & Irma were blanketing mainstream media news coverage. The epicenters of the two powerful quakes were more than 400 miles apart. The 7.1 temblor was not only strong, but also very shallow. It struck at a depth of only 33 […]

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A Year To Remember: 5777 Brought Historic Signs, Warnings, And Judgments

5777 There has never been another year like it in my lifetime. It did not disappoint me expectations, when I wrote that &I truly believed the year was primed for something Biblically monumental to take place….

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‘Disappointed’ and ‘let down,’ disaffected Trump voters voice their dismay

“Outrageous,” “disappointed,” “not ready” were among the adjectives that focus group members tossed out when asked for a single word to describe the president — and those were from the participants who had voted for him.

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What’s happening with the Trump-Russia investigation?

In the video Trump is heard saying the following, despite repeatedly denying having any business in Russia and never seeking to do business in Russia:

“We’ve met with a number of people and we may do something in Moscow and various parts of Russia, but have had some meetings while I’m in here and we could very well do something. We’re thinking about doing a Trump Tower, Moscow. So, we’re talking to a group of people about doing that.”

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The Coming Isolation of Donald Trump

The Democrat Party will not accept anything less than one of their own calling all of President Trump’s moves and garnering his headlines so he cannot go to them for any support. They would push for punishing his own base and he would not get any votes come next primary even if he changed to Democrat from the majority of Democrats. So we can safely nix out the Democrats.

Then there is the Establishment. Only a few of them remain and they are constantly being attacked by Trump.

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Democrats Are Throwing Around “Repeal Obamacare” On Twitter To Shame Republicans

Over the last few months, strategy after strategy deployed by the Republican Party to make good on their seven-year promise to do away with President Obama’s signature healthcare legislation has crumbled. Even with full control of Congress and the presidency, the GOP cannot seem to come up with a health care bill that satisfies the needed number of legislators, much less the public. So on Monday night, when the idea was floated  that Congress should simply repeal Obamacare and then worry about figuring out a replacement plan at a later date, people understandably went nuts.

While Democrats continue to oppose any plan the Republicans come up with to fix Obamacare or repeal it, the GOP last two attempts at repealing and replacing Obamacare have failed. In addition, any attempt to fully repeal Obamacare like they voted for in 2015 is no longer viable because of moderate senators like Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, and Senator Capito who refuse to vote for a full repeal bill as promised the past seven years. So as it stands today, the repeal of Obamacare has failed, as has the GOP attempt to replace it. At this point it would be better to let Obamacare fail and the burden be left on the Democrats who voted for it, without any bipartisan support. Eventually, states will have to loosen regulations that don’t allow competition across state lines and tort reforms will need to be made, along with other reforms that help bring premium costs down, along with health care.

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House GOP seeks to impeach secretary of state

Sounds like an investigation is necessary in #North Carolina, but if it’s not illegal to commission notaries to illegal immigrants

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  NEW ORLEANS — Gulf Coast states were in for a third day of rough weather Thursday with Tropical Storm

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