How effective are the US installed Missile defenses in South Korea? 

We don’t know whether THAAD can intercept three or more incoming missiles, Meanwhile, it is estimated that North Korea has around 1,000 ballistic missiles. And if North Korea fires salvo or dozens of missiles in series carrying chemical or nuclear weapons, even one missile that missed/evaded the defense systems would cause catastrophic damage.

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 DEFCON Warning System Radiation Report – 9/8/17

China reports minor nuclear radiation detected since North Korea nuclear test September 2, 2017.
Reports have come from provinces on the China side, near the North Korean border, the North Korea test site, and South Korea.

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DEFCON Warning System Updates as of 9/3/17: China reports no health hazards

This is the DEFCON Warning System. Alert status for 7 P.M., Friday, September 1st, 2017. Condition code is Blue. DEFCON 4. There are currently no imminent nuclear threats against the United States at this time, however there are events occurring in the world theater which require closer monitoring. North Korea recently fired a missile over…

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Could a North Korea Nuclear missile hit the US? Who supplied missile components and warhead designs to North Korea?

Testing a long range missile (ICBM) is different from targeting it to exact location. Long range missiles need fine, very fine trajectory corrections. A slight deviation in angle or trajectory would cause hundreds of kilometers of error, the missile fired may fall on some nation or into the ocean. The missile guidance system or sometimes referred to as Missile guidance set (MG set) as shown below is responsible for directing a missile during flight and does fine trajectory corrections.

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Can North Korea Missiles Reach California? The West Coast Isn’t That Far From Pyongyang

At the end of July, the simmering tension between North Korea and the U.S. took on heightened urgency after observers noted that the latest North Korean missile could possibly reach the West Coast. The “rebel state” carried out an intercontinental ball…

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Video:”WaPo: North Korea has missile-ready nuclear warhead” 

With the latest threats from North Korea and Trump’s response, the possibility of war is becoming more concerning. Recent intel reports say that North Korea has a nuclear weapon that fits on a missile that could reach the United States.

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