Trump Unaware He’s The President Of U.S. Virgin Islands

Is President Donald Trump aware residents of the U.S. Virgin Islands are, in fact, Americans? It’s unclear. In a speech Friday, Trump said he’d recently “met with the president of the Virgin Islands” to discuss the recent hurricanes that have devastated Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and the island. But Trump could not have spoken to the…

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A stunned Puerto Rico begins to dig out after Hurricane Maria

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Hurricane Maria reduced homes to heaps of wood and cement in the oceanfront settlement of La Perla, where hundreds of people picked their way down the rocky hillsides strewn with debris Thursday to salvage what they could from the wreckage. At the foot of an ancient fort, just outside the walls…

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Group That Funds Women’s Abortions Calls Aborting Babies “a Social Good”

The Carolina Abortion Fund did not mention any caveats in its tweet. It simply said that abortion and the killing of unborn babies in the womb “is a social good.” Abortion activists have become bold in their messaging lately, proclaiming that they love abortion and are, indeed, pro-abortion. They openly embrace abortion without ever…

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