?HEART-BREAKING: Baby? Charlie Gard has died?

After months of fighting to keep their baby alive, Charlie Gard has died. The parents of Charlie Gard announced earlier this week that they would not be able to continue the legal fight to keep their nearly one year old son alive. Following examination by US doctors recently, the parents had hope Charlie could be saved by experimental treatment that would give him a 10%-56% chance of improvement. But sadly, after the most recent MRI scan didn’t show the hope they thought they had, Charlie’s parents were left with making the decision to end their legal battle against the UK hospital and courts who felt Charlie had no hope of survival and would not have quality of life. Unfortunately, after months of stalling due to the legal fight, too much time passed to save Charlie’s life. If the hospital and courts would have given the parents a chance to save Charlie back in November 2016, Charlie may still be alive and on his way to a full recovery.

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Charlie Gard Parents “Optimistic” After 5-Hour Neurologist Visit and US Congress Granting US Citizenship

American neurologists were finally able to evaluate baby Charlie Gard in the UK hospital that has been preventing his parents from transferring him to a hospital in the United States for an experimental treatment. The judge who sided with the hospital said he would reverse his decision if the family and Drs could prove the experimental treatment had a chance of helping. After a recent examination by the Dr’s it was determined there is a 10%-56% chance of improving Charlie’s condition. This is more than the 1% chance the UK hospital claimed. Regardless of the hospitals belief and the courts, the parental right to provide life saving treatment should always come first. This week it was announced that Congress has made Charlie Gard a US citizen so that he is free to come to the US for treatment and free of the UK court and socialized medical system. However, the UK courts still have the ultimate decision on whether Charlie can fly to the US with his parents.

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