Net Neutrality Explained

Instead of identifying barriers to market entry and access it was creating barriers to market entry and access. The costs of the Net Neutrality set up that his administration created was so burdensome that many companies literally stopped growing at all. They would not accept new customer regions, they would not improve their hardware, they had no chance to really profit from the hardware or ISP levels.

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The Hypocritical Dishonesty Of The Net Neutrality Campaign

Net neutrality isn’t about censorship, but who will pay for faster Internet speeds. If ISPs are to keep up with consumer demands for fast broadband for live streaming the companies who provide live streaming and the ISPs need to work together to negotiate the cost of upgrades. Right now streaming services like Netflix expect the ISPs to pay for upgraded fiberoptics, but ISPs believe streaming service providers should pay for the upgrades. Either way consumers will need to pay more because corporations always increase prices when the cost for service increases. So if you like your Netflix and faster broadband expect to pay more. Net neutrality is not about free speech nor the first amendment, but cost control and government regulations. Remember, anytime government gets involved more regulations, control and expensive things usually come for the consumer.

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