Facebook Live: What’s Happening With The Children’s Health Insurance Program?

In this Facebook Live, KHN’s Julie Rovner talks to Bruce Lesley, president of First Focus, about the current state of play on CHIP reauthorization.

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Political Perspectives: Pleas For Truth Talk Regarding Graham-Cassidy; Does Panic On Left Suggest Progress On Right?

Opinion writers express outrage at the contents of the Senate GOP’s latest attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare and explore the political motivations for pursuing the measure’s passage.

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Research Roundup: Hospital Transportation; Medicaid Expansion; Obesity Treatment

Each week, KHN compiles a selection of recently released health policy studies and briefs.

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State Highlights: In Calif., Gubernatorial Candidates Try To Prove Health Care Street Cred; Death Toll Rises In Fla. Nursing Home Tradgedy

Media outlets report on news from California, Florida, Texas, Illinois and Pennsylvania.

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Healthy Campfire Recipes Your Whole Family Will Love

Though camping is the perfect excuse for trail mix and PB&Js, these slightly more sophisticated recipes are perfect for a scrumptious campfire feast.

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Police Slow to Probe N.H. Boy’s Hanging, Family Alleges

Over the past two weeks, the alleged hanging of an 8-year-old biracial boy has roiled the small, picturesque town of Claremont, New Hampshire. As a few hundred residents gathered in town for a prayer vigil organized by local clergy on Tuesday night, fresh allegations by the boy’s family further rocked this normally quiet area. In an…

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He Was Forced to Choose Between Losing His Job or Helping a Woman Get an Abortion

In August of 2007, Steve Pargman was working at the Department of Social and Health Services in Washington state when he received a request that would force him to choose between his convictions and his job. The call was from a woman enrolled in the First Steps program, which provides resources to pregnant women and […]

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Group That Funds Women’s Abortions Calls Aborting Babies “a Social Good”

The Carolina Abortion Fund did not mention any caveats in its tweet. It simply said that abortion and the killing of unborn babies in the womb “is a social good.” Abortion activists have become bold in their messaging lately, proclaiming that they love abortion and are, indeed, pro-abortion. They openly embrace abortion without ever…

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15 Inspiring Quotes On World Suicide Prevention Day

Sunday was World Suicide Prevention Day 2017 and it is considered to be a day to raise awareness about suicide prevention and an attempt to change lives of thousands of people before it is too late to do something. This day was first commemorated in 2003 by the International Association of Suicide, this is the 15th…

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10 more cases of tuberculosis confirmed in a Texas high school-increasing total to 24 infected

Ten more cases of tuberculosis have been diagnosed at a Texas high school, bringing the total number of cases to 24.

All of the infections are among students at George Bush High School in Fort Bend County, Texas, which is near Houston.
Despite the recent diagnoses, public health officials said on Wednesday that the campus outbreak has now been contained.

‘This is good news, that all the testing identified no more active cases of TB,’ Dr. Kaye Reynolds at the Fort Bend County Health and Human Services Department told the Houston Chronicle.

‘It’s really good that the investigation has identified people who now will be cured and that the clustering won’t start another outbreak.’ 

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