Goop Launches Quarterly Print Magazine For All Your Wellness Needs

Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow’s digital lifestyle brand, has launched a quarterly print edition, and the first copy is set to hit newsstands September 19.

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Will Hurricane Irma Hit Havana? Cuba Has Disaster Preparedness Down

Hurricane Irma is a Category 5 storm, and with wind speeds of up to 185 miles per hour, it is one of the strongest recorded hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean. Irma has already left at least 10 people dead after hitting Barbuda, St. Martin, the British Virgin Islands, Anguilla, and other island nations in the northeastern Caribbean.

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11 Quirky Forever 21 Labor Day Sale 2017 Items That Will Make A Statement This Fall

Get your wallets ready, because the end-of-summer shopping event that you’ve been waiting for is here.

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Where To Buy Dark Lipstick Like Taylor Swift’s If You Want To Ditch Your Red

Want Taylor Swift’s new look? Check out these lipstick shades to match her new darker, revenge look.

After Swift unveiled a brief clip of the new music video, fans were shocked to see the star ditching her signature cherry red for something a little more dangerous. The shade is dark, mysterious, and — most importantly — vengeful.

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Trump Adviser Sebastian Gorka Is Out At The White House — REPORT

According to initial reports Sebastian Gorka resigned, but later reports from the White House indicated he was let go, fired. Gorka is the most recent top Trump admin official to be dismissed in the past few weeks since John Kelly became Chief of Staff.

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Is It Safe To Drive During An Eclipse? What To Know Before You Go

Monday, August 21st will see the first total solar eclipse to cross the continental United States since 1918. As rare and exciting as this celestial event may be, people still have things to do and places to be on Monday, so there will inevitably be a lot of cars on the road while the moon crosses in front of the sun. But is it safe to drive during a solar eclipse?

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The Kissimmee Police Officers Shot In Florida Were Responding To A Suspicious Persons Call

On Friday evening, two Kissimmee, Florida, police officers were shot when they responded to a call of suspicious persons in the downtown area. One officer died, and the other is in “grave condition,” according to the Kissimmee Police Department.

Two officers in Jacksonville, Florida, were also reportedly shot Friday night. According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, one officer is in critical condition, and the other is in stable condition. The suspect was shot by police and died at the hospital. The two cities are more than 150 miles apart. Jacksonville is in north Florida, while Kissimmee is in the central part of the state.

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What Do The Antifa Symbols Mean? The Flags Often Feature Three Arrows

As white nationalists rallied in Charlottesville, Virginia this past weekend, they were confronted by counter-protesters, some of whom were members of a loosely-organized coalition known as “antifa,” or “anti-fascists.” Anti-fascist symbols were often …

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