6 Die at Nursing Home as Irma’s Aftermath Brings New Hazards

Six patients at a sweltering Hollywood nursing home died in Hurricane Irma’s aftermath.

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@littlebytesnews Top 10 Articles 

Here are the past weeks top 10 articles from Little Bytes News. If you’d like to see your articles here become a contributor or syndication partner please contact admin@littlebytesnews.com.

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Alert: All eyes on Hurricane Irma as storm becomes a Category 4

Hurricane warnings were issued Monday for portions of the Leeward Islands, while a hurricane watch is in effect for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Irma is currently a Category 4 storm — Harvey level, according to national weather officials.
AccuWeather meteorologist Dave Samuhel suggests: “Have emergency supplies ready”.

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Why Twitter’s “New” Terms of Service Are Making People Mad

AllAfrica.com is reporting that Twitter has changed their terms of service, stating that: “Twitter has made some changes to its terms of service (ToS) for it users that take effect in October. The terms of service restate that once content is posted on online news and social networking service twitter, it can be reused by others. News organizations, other companies and individuals can already use content found on the site, as it is public and is already considered FAIR USE.”
However, these terms have been in place in the US all along, but they simply added a new address in Europe and announced the same ToS will apply outside the US beginning Oct 2, 2017.

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The Kissimmee Police Officers Shot In Florida Were Responding To A Suspicious Persons Call

On Friday evening, two Kissimmee, Florida, police officers were shot when they responded to a call of suspicious persons in the downtown area. One officer died, and the other is in “grave condition,” according to the Kissimmee Police Department.

Two officers in Jacksonville, Florida, were also reportedly shot Friday night. According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, one officer is in critical condition, and the other is in stable condition. The suspect was shot by police and died at the hospital. The two cities are more than 150 miles apart. Jacksonville is in north Florida, while Kissimmee is in the central part of the state.

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Welcome to LittlebytesNews.com Community

Are you a journalist, writer, news junkie and avid reader of current events? If you answered yes to any of these then join the Little Bytes News community where you can share your writing talents as a featured daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly writer or as a topic contributor at your convenience.

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Former CNN commentator becomes Trump’s news anchor reporting “Real News” from Trump Tower

Kayleigh Mcenany, former CNN commentator and Trump supporter becomes Trump’s “Real News” anchor, reporting what the Trump admin considers factual reporting.

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Anthony Scaramucci out as White House communications director

As expected, Retired General John Kelly, the incoming White House Chief of Staff had Anthony Scaramucci removed from his newly appointed position as Communications Director. Last week, Scaramucci removed Sean Spicer from his position as Press Secretary and had Reince Priebus resign as Chief of Staff. Five days later Scaramucci is out at the request of the new Chief of Staff. Makes you wonder if Scaramucci regrets having Spicer and Priebus replaced now that Priebus replacement, John Kelly, caused him to be removed from his new job as Communications Director.

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💔HEART-BREAKING: Baby👣 Charlie Gard has died😢

After months of fighting to keep their baby alive, Charlie Gard has died. The parents of Charlie Gard announced earlier this week that they would not be able to continue the legal fight to keep their nearly one year old son alive. Following examination by US doctors recently, the parents had hope Charlie could be saved by experimental treatment that would give him a 10%-56% chance of improvement. But sadly, after the most recent MRI scan didn’t show the hope they thought they had, Charlie’s parents were left with making the decision to end their legal battle against the UK hospital and courts who felt Charlie had no hope of survival and would not have quality of life. Unfortunately, after months of stalling due to the legal fight, too much time passed to save Charlie’s life. If the hospital and courts would have given the parents a chance to save Charlie back in November 2016, Charlie may still be alive and on his way to a full recovery.

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Here’s how fake news becomes Donald Trump’s reality: Russian lawyer edition

Trump likes to say that anything against him is fake news, especially if it comes from unnamed sources. But when Trump “hears” something via Twitter or his supporters create a conspiracy suddenly it’s factual and the mainstream media won’t report the truth because it’s all “fake news” and a conspiracy against Trump by the liberal media and Democrats. Despite Loretta Lynch denying any involvement in issuing visas and having no authority over entry to the United States at airports.

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