North Korea war: Kim SHOOTS DOWN American bomber in shock WW3 pics 

“They will head to the grave in that order” DPRK Today

NORTH Korea has released terrifying propaganda photos of a US bomber and warship under attack as war tensions explode.

State-owned site DPRK Today unveiled the doctored snaps yesterday.

In the pics, Pyongyang’s Pukguksong missiles strike a US strategic bomber B-1B and the massive USS Carl Vinson, a nuclear-powered supercarrier.

They emerged just hours after US President Donald Trump ordered a fleet of the same type of aircraft to fly close to North Korea’s airspace in a deliberate act of provocation.

Trump had apparently been warned off criticising Kim before branding him a “rocket man”.

While he also added North Korea to the countries banned from entering the US.

The two US war machines are seen engulfed in computer-generated flames.

The pics were shared with the caption: “Should F-35, B-1B and the Carl Vinson lead the US attack, they will head to the grave in that order.” 

It’s not the first time North Korea have mocked up a shot down a jet with computer graphics for propaganda – a video emerged of this happening in April.

Kim at the weekend held a mass rally in the centre of Pyongyang.

On Saturday night, North Korea’s Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho said nuclear war was “inevitable”.

The US military had announced that US Air Force B-1B Lancer bombers flew with South Korea jets.

Deployed from Andersen Air Force Base in Guam – it was a show of force against North Korea.

Now North Korea has taunted the world with the pictures showing the same type of bombers being shot out of the sky.

This comes amid a rapidly and frightening escalating war of words between Kim Jong-un and Trump last week.

Trump shocked the UN by announcing he would destroy North Korea’s regime if they did not stop with their nuclear missile programme.

But “rocket man” Kim hit back, calling Trump “mental”.

He brazenly suggesting the UN speech showed he was doing the right thing in developing the nukes.

On Friday night, Trump made a threatening speech in Alabama – denouncing “rocket man” Kim and saying military action is possible.

And it was feared North Korea had carried out another nuclear test after an earthquake hit the region on Saturday.


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