UPDATE: 1 woman dead, 7 others injured after gunman opens fire at church in Tennessee  

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LBN Update 12:06pm PST: 

The suspect is a 26-year-old, African American. The usher was the victim who was pistol-whipped. There is no information on the female victim killed but was in close proximity to the suspect’s vehicle when she was found dead. The suspect left his truck running while parked near the church. The vehicle hasn’t been declared safe as trained dogs are finding a reason to believe there are possible explosives in the truck. In total six victims who were shot inside the church are being treated in area hospitals.  One woman was killed outside the church but hasn’t been identified and the gunman is severely injured, along with six others. According to Joe Love, a witness of the shootings said he saw the gunman shoot the woman in the parking lot in the back and drive his car over her body, then shoot her again in the face. He then proceeded to enter the church and knocked one elderly gentleman on a walker down.

LBN Update: According to the Nashville Police Department Public Affairs official the gunman shot himself, but is still alive and in the hospital. His identity hasn’t been released yet but he’s in his mid-20’s and from another county.

They’re not sure what his affiliation with the church or members of the church may be. The scene is still under investigation with weapons still at the scene. One victim confronted the gunman and was “pistol-whipped” in the head, he survived but was severely injured. However, before leaving the scene by ambulance he was able to tell police what happened, saying that after he confronted the gunman he was “pistol-whipped, but he managed to run out to his vehicle and obtained his own gun and went back inside to confront the shooter. That is when the shooter attempted to take his own life, but survived.

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Former pastor Bill Hunter says he’s told current pastor and his wife are among the wounded. pic.twitter.com/Peqmwf69 AP— Natalie Allison (@natalie_allison) September 24, 2017

Crime scene tape up all around the church. Moving us back now further away. pic.twitter.com/NC7qVkwkP2— Natalie Allison (@natalie_allison) September 24, 2017

breaking We are on the scene of a reported church shooting on Pin Hook Rd. in Antioch. Ambulances leaving the Church of Christ area @NC5 pic.twitter.com/H0khSuWCsG— Alexandra Koehn (@NC5_AKoehn) September 24, 2017

A gunman has opened fire at the end of a church service near the city of Nashville in Tennessee, killing a woman and injuring seven others, local officials say. The suspect was shot before being taken into custody. (more)

The incident began just before 11:15 a.m. CT on Sunday when officers were called to reports of an active shooter at the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch, which is a neighborhood about 9.5 miles (15 kilometers) southeast of Nashville.

“Word that I received a few moments ago and needs to be confirmed, but I understand that a man just walked in, sat down, and started shooting. That’s basically all I know,” Bill Hunter, a former minister at the church, told The Tennessean newspaper.

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department said a total of 7 victims were shot, including a woman who died in the parking lot of the church. There was no immediate word on the conditions of the other victims. An eighth victim was pistol-whipped and was taken to hospital for treatment.

Police said one of the churchgoers has a gun permit and went to his car to retrieve his weapon, after which he confronted the suspect, who then shot himself. The suspect was transported to an area hospital where there was no word on his condition.

The suspect was described as a man in his mid-20s who is believed to be from Rutherford County. There was no immediate indication of a link between the suspect and the church, although the investigation is still underway.

Churchgoers who were not injured were being interviewed by police.

The gunshot victims include people who were attending a weekly church service that starts at 10 a.m. on Sundays. All of the victims are over the age of 60 and were taken to area hospitals for treatment, the Nashville Fire Department said.

A large number of emergency services responded to the scene of the shooting, a witness said.

1 dead, 7 injured after gunman opens fire at Tennessee church – BNO News

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Source BNO News

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