PR man at center of Russiagate scandal fears ‘death’

The British publicist who connected Donald Jr to a Russian lawyer he claimed had dirt on Hillary Clinton is now fearing for his life after his correspondence with the president’s eldest son was made public.

Music PR Rob Goldstone fears that if he’s ‘stabbed by a poison umbrella,’ it would be no accident, friends have claimed, a reference to a journalist who was jabbed with a poisoned umbrella tip in one of the most sensational assassinations of the Cold War.

In June 2016, Goldstone offered to connect Trump Jr with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, who he said had damaging information on then-Democratic presidential candidate Clinton.

The emails show Goldstone telling Trump Jr that pop singer Emin Agalarov and his father, Moscow-based real estate developer Aras Agalarov, had ‘helped along’ the Russian government’s support for Donald Trump. 

Goldstone mentioned Russia’s ‘crown prosecutor,’ but may have been referring to Russia’s top justice official, Prosecutor Yuri Chaika, the equivalent of the US attorney general.

Trump Jr has played down the meeting as a ‘normal political intelligence meeting’ and says he learned nothing meaningful through the correspondence.

Since of the meeting broke, Goldstone, 57, has been hiding ‘in plain sight’ on a cruise ship, vowing to stay away from his New York office for at least a year.

As of Saturday night, it was believed that the ship was in the Mediterranean last night, and that Goldstone is with his lover and partner David Wilson.

Now Goldstone’s colleague, Geoff Baker, who spent 15 years as Sir Paul McCartney’s publicist, said that the PR manager has posted messages to his Facebook while on the cruise in a ‘deliberate effort to make sure the world knows where he is in case anything happens to him’.

Baker told The Express that Goldstone is ‘well aware’ that the FBI and Russia’s FBI ‘probably want to talk to him’.

‘I believe the reason he’s being so blatantly transparent about his whereabouts is that, if anything does happen to him – like a car crash or being stabbed by a poison-tipped umbrella – everyone will know his death was no accident,’ Baker said.

Baker’s comment was a reference to Georgi Markov, a Bulgarian dissident who was waiting for a bus at Waterloo Bridge in London in September 1978 when he was stabbed in the thigh with a poisoned umbrella tip.

The journalist and harsh critic of Bulgaria’s communist regime died four days later. After his death, British government scientists discovered the umbrella had been used to inject a pinhead-sized pellet of the poison ricin into Markov’s leg. 

Though no one has ever been charged with the killing, many suspected the KGB and Bulgarian secret police of involvement.

‘If I were him, I’d never go back to New York and I’d certainly never set foot in Russia again,’ Baker added. ‘Knowing him as I do, I think he’ll end up back in Britain or, if he feels threatened, he’ll ask for protection at the nearest British embassy.’

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