Politico Cartoon Mocks Christian Faith of Hurricane Harvey Victims

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POLITICO is being criticized for publishing a tone-deaf cartoon mocking the religious faith and political views of Houston residents in the aftermath of the flooding. The cartoon, drawn by artist Matt Wuerker, depicts a family sitting on the top of a house amid rising floodwaters on the verge of being rescued by a helicopter. One of the people calls the helicopter an &8220;angel, sent by God,&8221; to which the rescuer then sneers that he&8217;s in the Coast Guard and sent by the government.

POLITICO shared the cartoon in a since-deleted tweet:

The cartoon remains on their site.

Oooooh, don&8217;t cut yourself on that edge there, POLITICO. Sheesh.

I mean, this is beyond tasteless, and it&8217;s almost sickening how nobody thought to themselves &8220;hey, maybe this is a bad idea!&8221; during the drawing, publishing, and tweeting process. Now is not the time. Hurricane Harvey and the subsequent flooding didn&8217;t discriminate based off of religion, political views, or skin color. Further, a person&8217;s political views, religion, or skin color don&8217;t make someone any more or less worthy of being rescued from a flood, by either a private boat driven by the Cajun Navy or by the U.S. Coast Guard. This isn&8217;t too challenging of a concept.

People did not hold back on their criticism of Wuerker:

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Wuerker claimed on his Twitter that the cartoon was only meant to target &8220;secessionist&8221; Texans, not Texas as a whole.

But come on.

This is insane. Maybe hold the hot takes and political jabs until at least the flood waters recede. It&8217;s not hard to be a decent human being.

LifeNews Note: Christine Rousselle is a web editor with Townhall.com.

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