Chris Christie gets into the face of a Chicago Cubs fan


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was caught on camera getting up into a Chicago fan’s face while holding a bowl of nachos in Milwaukee on Sunday.

At Cubs game. was getting razzed by fans, so he got in the face of one of them. 5:30 on @WISN12News— Ben Hutchison (@BennyHutch) July 30, 2017

Christie celebrated the left-hand catch with awkward high-fives and an enthusiastic handshake with a friend before turning to give the ball to a child who was sitting in the rows behind him. 

Christie was also booed at a Mets game in New York earlier this month after he caught a foul ball while sitting in the third row without even getting out of his seat

The Governor has seen his popularity dwindle ever since he was photographed lounging with his family over the Fourth of July weekend on a private stretch of sand despite closing New Jersey’s beaches to the public in a standoff over funding. 


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