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Republican Senate candidate Moore hit by sexual misconduct allegations

(Reuters) – A woman has accused Roy Moore, the Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate in Alabama, of initiating a sexual encounter with her when she was 14 years old and he was 32, the Washington Post reported on Thursday, prompting top Republicans to …

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KKK Targets High School Students in Recruitment Efforts

The Ku Klux Klan hopes to recruit future white supremacists at high school football games. The racist group distributed propaganda fliers at a Friday night football game at Gray’s Creek High School in North Carolina. The fliers showcased racist comments about Jews, Mexicans and Muslims written atop the Confederate flag, also attacking Black Lives Matter, recent…

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Trump Administration Argues Against LGBTQ Protections

Why does President Donald Trump care about what gay people do in the bedroom? The question came up this week, when a lawyer for Trump’s Department of Justice argued that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 does not protect LGBTQ Americans from being fired because of their sexual orientation — a complete reversal of the government’s…

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Trump backs off Afghan withdrawal, lambasts Pakistan

“My instinct was to pull out” Trump admitted as he spoke of frustration with a war that has killed thousands of US troops and cost US taxpayers trillions of dollars. While Trump refused to offer detailed troop numbers, senior White House officials said he had already authorized his defense secretary to deploy up to 3,900 more troops to Afghanistan. A conflict that began in October 2001 as a hunt for the 9/11 attackers has turned into a vexed effort to keep Afghanistan’s divided and corruption-hindered democracy alive amid a brutal Taliban insurgency.

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Democratic Rep Introduces Legislation Asking VP and Cabinet to Obtain Mental Health Exam for Trump

This isn’t the first time people have asked, “Is the president mentally and emotionally stable?”
But now, Democrats in Congress want to take action to determine whether Trump is mentally stable to fulfill his duties as President.

Does the President suffer from early-stage dementia? Has the stress of office aggravated a mental illness crippling impulse control? Has an emotional disorder so impaired the President that he is unable to discharge his duties? Is the President mentally and emotionally stable?

On Friday, Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) introduced legislation suggesting that Vice President Mike Pence, as well as President Donald Trump’s Cabinet members, had a Constitutional responsibility to get a mental health exam for Trump.

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After firing, Bannon returns to his ‘killing machine’

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – With Stephen Bannon, the worry always was that he could be even more disruptive to President Donald Trump’s White House from outside than he was within.

In the hours following his firing on Friday, those fears seemed warranted, as the conservative voices who viewed Bannon as one of their own howled in rage over Trump’s decision to fire his chief strategist.

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#BreakingNews Trump adviser Bannon is out as White House Chief Strategist

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A decision from President Donald Trump’s Chief of Staff John Kelly is imminent on whether White House chief strategist Steve Bannon will keep his job, online news outlet Axios said on Friday.

(LBN) CNN reports Bannon resigned, but other reports say Bannon was given option to resign or be fired. Chief of Staff John Kelly influenced decision to remove Bannon.

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American Man Pleads Guilty to Taking ISIS Funds for Terror Attacks in US

He said “his soul was over there with the jihadists,” but he pleaded guilty to planning an attack at home.

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List of Rallies against hate, Trump pop up across USA in wake of Charlottesville

Activists gear up for the upcoming months with rallies ranging from support for Charlottesville, Va., victims to pro-Trump events.

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