My kids don’t mind my sugar baby lifestyle

“One of my girlfriends mentioned a website called — a site for travel-seeking singles — and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to do some of the things I enjoyed.”


She explained: “I’d done some traveling with my girlfriends to Mexico and Puerto Rico when I was younger, but with five , a job and my husband running his own at the time, it was difficult to get away as I got older.


After her second marriage broke up last year, Thatcher, who has three daughters between 18 and 33, and two sons, 28 and 21, was looking for new ways to enjoy life.


Thatcher insists that she is honest with the men she dates from the start, making it clear that the pair will have separate rooms on their trips and that she won’t do anything she doesn’t feel comfortable with.


Suzanne Thatcher, 52, has journeyed first-class to luxurious hotels in destinations across Italy and the US — all paid for by men she’s met via a website.




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