Healthy Campfire Recipes Your Whole Family Will Love

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Though camping is the perfect excuse for trail mix and PB&Js, these slightly more sophisticated recipes are perfect for a scrumptious campfire feast.

Beef Kebabs

Nothing tastes quite like a savory meal cooked over a campfire. Though vitamin B–rich beef adds a rich flavor, use potatoes if you don’t have a cooler. Squash and mushrooms are great for traveling and add vitamin C and iron, but don’t be afraid to substitute your favorite veggies.

Try these grill tips:

Use a metal grate to cook the kebabs.
If you’re using wood skewers, soak them in water first so they don’t burn.
Let them cook for 15–20 minutes to ensure they’re done.

Morning Glory Muffins

These hearty muffins can be made before you even step outside. They may taste sweet, but they’re bite-size nutritional powerhouses. Flaxseeds add heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, and the rolled oats add a healthy portion of fiber. And you can adapt this recipe to include your favorite dried fruits, like apricots or raisins.

Quick Roasted-Vegetable Fajitas

This meal is the epitome of convenience. The veggies are rich in antioxidants and can marinate in a plastic bag while you cook the fiber-rich beans over the fire. The soup mix marinade adds plenty of spices with minimum cleanup. If you’re worried about the cheese going bad, you can eliminate it without losing any zesty flavor.

Everyday Granola

Make this crunchy snack before you leave the house. Using cereal, oats, nuts, and dried fruit, this granola is the perfect nonperishable nosh for the trail. It packs a combination of fat, protein, and fiber to keep you satisfied throughout the afternoon. And since it makes 12 servings, you can share with a group or eat it for breakfast the next day.

Quick Baked Pears

Watch out, s’mores—you’ve got some competition. This fire-friendly dessert is a low-cal way to end the night. Simply throw a few pears and some cinnamon and sugar in your bag before you leave. Though the recipe suggests using a microwave, placing them on a pan above the fire has the same effect. Use some of your leftover granola to sprinkle on top, and you have a delicious, fiber-rich dessert.

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