Former CNN commentator becomes Trump’s news anchor reporting “Real News” from Trump Tower

Yesterday I woke up to find this tweet in my timeline: 

Yashar Ali on : “WATCH: @kayleighmcenany left yesterday….today, she made her debut on TV sharing “the real news”.”  Source Twitter

I wasn’t surprised since Kayleigh McEnany has been an outspoken Trump cheerleader in her recent role as a CNN commentator during the 2016 campaign, up until yesterday. What is concerning millions of Americans is whether Trump TV “real news” weekly updates will become a daily news forum and equate to a ‘state run’ media/propaganda outlet like Kim Jung uses in North Korea.

As you’ll notice in the video Kayleigh only shares what the Trump admin considers the “real news”, otherwise known as favorable talking points. But if they expect to be “real news”, they along with other news agencies will have to redeem their reputations by reporting the good, the bad and the ugly. This is one of the reasons so many have lost trust and confidence in the mainstream news media. Journalists have become commentators and writers, instead of unbiased news reporters.

While my hope is to create a more balanced and less biased news source with commentary to balance out the articles posted on Little Bytes News, it is also my hope that the era of the presidency will wake up more news junkies and media sources to get back to unbiased journalism and leave the commentary for the op-ed sections. It is also my hope that more people will research the news they hear and the articles they read to verify if the data quoted or other statements are factual and accurate. While social media is a great tool for communication and receiving and information, unfortunately it has also made the spread of “fake news” from satire to outright propaganda a thing of the future. Unless we as consumers become more vigilant and demand better from news agencies, the frustration and distrust of the media will continue and conspiracists, satire, fake news and propaganda sites will continue to mislead the public and threaten our democracy and could eventually threaten freedom of the press.

Below Jake Tapper of CNN, one of the news agencies Trump considers “fake news” points out how the news reported by Kayleigh is only favorable towards Trump. I tend to agree with him, if they are going to call their news reports “real news” they need to share all sides, not just what the Trump administration wants listeners to believe and know.


Market News reports:

Trump supporters across social media praised getting the “real” scoop, while many others agreed with former U.S. ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul:

Wow. Feels eerily like so many state-owned channels I’ve watched in other countries 

 There’s more to come, apparently. The video series was launched by Team Trump a week ago, with the first installment hosted by Eric Trump’s wife, Lara Yunaska.

Separately, it looks like McEnany will keep herself busy beyond Trump TV. She was named spokesperson for the Republican National Committee on Monday.

“Kayleigh will be an integral part of our Party’s ongoing commitment to promoting the Republican message to Americans across the country,” RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said in a statement. “Her wealth of experience will be invaluable to the RNC as we continue to support President Trump and build on our majorities in Congress as we head into 2018.”

While Kayleigh’s appearance on Trump TV stunned some, it may be a one time thing since she’s now being appointed the RNC spokesperson for the Republican National Committee. We’ll see if she has time for both, but it looks like we may see more of Kayleigh McEnany in the coming days.


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