Updates: Male shooter kills at least 20 at Texas church;shooting may have been on video

According to a local official, at least 27 are dead and over 20 injured. Other reports say a two-year-old was also shot. Per CNN the church is known to live stream their services on their Youtube channel, so it’s possible the shooting may have been seen live or that there is a video of the shooting incident.
Several news outlets are confirming the shooters name is Devin Patrick Kelly(spelling of shooter unconfirmed) and that his home is being searched for explosives and other clues. Devin Kelly reportedly was dishonorably discharged from the military and is believed to be a Muslim convert.

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Life after death? Man who attempted suicide ‘went to HELL and was told to change by Jesus’

A MAN who attempted suicide claims he saw hell and was told to clean up his life or “this is where you will spend eternity”.

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2ND ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL: Over 1,000,000 Souls Reached

2 years ago today I penned the first article for Biblical Signs In The Headlines, and back then I don’t believe that anyone but God could have foreseen the website eclipsing 1,000,000 visitors by the 2nd Anniversary. Yet it has, praise the Lord. In just two short years, God has done so many amazing things for the website. 

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