Analysis: Russian Hacking Confirmed?

By Michael Harrington


The news cycle is all abuzz with the story that the Russians tried to hack into a number of States during the election cycle. I had previously done a study of the Presidential Primaries from 1992 to 2016 in terms of statistics. It was quite educational and showed a lot of problems. The study also examined large-scale voting machine failures, Voting Website failures, and other electronic failures affecting elections offices, personnel, and equipment.

What we found was that massive mathematical deviations occurred in 2016 with no plausible explanation where in previous times the trends were quite clear. Additionally, some of these deviations were located in different Parties. All told there were approximately 6.5 to 7 million people who normally vote Democrat who appear to have voted Republican as well. That or their votes were changed, but we shall get more into that later in the story. Finally, the study concluded one state was almost certainly successfully hacked during the primary and that as many as 19 States may have suffered partially due to hacking efforts. 

The findings came up with a number of errors on systems as well, listed below:

Websites down: Texas, Alabama, and Colorado

Poll Books Down: Georgia, North Carolina, Colorado, and Arizona

Large Scale Machines down: Pennsylvania, Texas, New York, Utah, Virginia, Georgia, Michigan, Utah, Massachusetts, and North Carolina

Vote Flipping: Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Texas, Nevada 

The above map is a representation of the hacking efforts identified by the FBI. Note that while the FBI says that there is no evidence any of the hacks changed votes they have acknowledged that two States were successfully hacked prior to the Primaries. Those two States are Illinois and Arizona. Note that some of these States were critical for the Trump win in November.

This map is a direct result of mathematical studies indicating the States that deviated strongly from any plausible trend during the primaries. In some of these cases, the math appears to indicate hacking, in other cases, it appears to indicate a severe amount of cross-over votes, from Democrat to Republican. Cross-over voting happened in far more States than just these, but these had severe deviations from the norms or appeared to have been hacked. In some cases, it appears Bernie Sanders had votes disappear only for Trump to do far better than he should have according to extensive polling. See this excel file for this generated information for media, academia, and researchers which supports these findings. 

The above are States with elections issues. Note that the two confirmed hacked and the one probable hacked are highlighted in red. Elections issues often were reduced in the general election compared to the Primaries. It is significant to note that 30 States did accept help from the FBI and other Federal Agencies in making sure their systems were clean prior to the November election. More so is that it was uncommon to see new issues in the General Election but instead most were a repeat of the Primary Problems. For example, Durham County in North Carolina had issues during both the Primary and the General Election.

By combining these maps we get the following:

Note how the most critical States, with a few exceptions, are the last ones on the map. Illinois, Arizona, Virginia, and Wisconsin make a large play here but the most significant one is Colorado which matches all three maps. Utah, being so dangerously likely to have been hacked also gets special mention. North Carolina, Alabama, Kansas, Minnesota, and Iowa round out this map. 

It is the author’s sincere hope that Mueller will examine the Republican Primary in Utah as well as use these maps to identify possible States needing extra scrutiny. Given that Illinois admitted being hacked but at first said nothing was lost… before slowly, and incrementally increasing the numbers, there may be authorities who wish to not reveal they had failed in their duties elsewhere as well. This related story from Reuters also does not make me rest well at night.

Using Verified Voting we were able to identify some trends as the screengrabs below show.

The most frightening finding is that many States use the same exact system. A system that had many problems throughout the United States. 

Here we have Diebold systems, know now as Premier Systems. 

As a reminder, there are no unhackable machines as hackers at DefCon found out as it took less than 2 hours to hack all the designs on the floor. 

Most worrisome is that the U.S. Election Assistance Commission was itself hacked and the hack was only revealed when 100 usernames and passwords were found for sale by a Russian on the dark web in January following the election.


Michael Harrington is a political activist, conservative, a statistician, and an Army veteran






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