2ND ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL: Over 1,000,000 Souls Reached

Syndicated with permission of Micha El Sawdy


2 years ago today I penned the first article for Biblical Signs In The Headlines, and back then I don’t believe that anyone but God could have foreseen the website eclipsing 1,000,000 visitors by the 2nd Anniversary. Yet it has, praise the Lord. In just two short years, God has done so many amazing things for the website. 

First, the Benham Brothers graciously granted me an interview for my Inaugural Christmas Special. In last year’s Special, they returned, and the LORD inspired many other big names to take part as well. If you would have told me two years ago that the Benham Bros, Masey Mclain, and Duck Dynasty stars would be contributing to my website, I’d say that you were dreaming bigger than I ever could. Yet, just like the 1,000,000 visitors milestone being reached so quickly, God’s Hand was at work in bringing them all together. 

Over the past year, His Spirit has inspired me to write some articles that drew the interest of hundreds of thousands of readers. When I see the statistics, I still find it hard to believe. I don’t have a lot of money. I’m just an average guy, known for loving my cat and the Holy Bible. There is nothing too special about me. I don’t have a radio show, I don’t make appearances as a contributor on FOX News, CNN, or MSNBC. Yet somehow, someway, with what little reach I have, the Lord has made Biblical Signs In The Headlines a name that most Christians and Conservatives are familiar with. 

Many have told me that they don’t get their news anywhere else now, because my website is the only true Biblically-biased source. They know I call it like it is, regardless of how my opinion may play with political junkies on either side of the aisle. Holy Bible believers know that HERE they will not be indoctrinated into a political party, but rather into God’s Word. 

Just a few months ago, the Holy Spirit also led me to branch the website out into more than just a News Site. He led me to begin recording Holy Bible Audio Studies for EVERY Book, every Chapter, and every verse of His inspired-Word. This nation and world is more Biblically-illiterate than ever before in America’s history, and I pray that my Audio Studies will have a part in changing that sad fact. 

Finally, as if I wasn’t blessed enough to have them be regulars for my Annual Christmas Specials, Jason and David Benham are now contributing weekly syndicated articles to the website. I promised to make this past year better than the Inaugural Year, and I think I did that… let me rephrase that… GOD DID THAT. I cannot wait to see what He has in store for the 3rd Year of Biblical Signs In The Headlines! 

Now, in last year’s 1st Anniversary Special, I took a look back at some of the most popular articles of the Inaugural Year. I highlighted each month, and this year I will do the same. Also, since the following of Biblical Signs ITH has grown immensely since last year’s Anniversary, I recently gave readers on social media a chance to participate in this year’s article. Out of 20 choices, many of you voted for your favorite articles of all-time. 

According to the final vote counts, I have determined the “Readers’ Choice” TOP 7 Articles since the founding of Biblical Signs ITH. On top of that, I’m going to review the Top 25 Most Popular Articles of All-Time as well. So, for anyone who is a new visitor to the website, this article will get you up to speed as to why 1,000,000 people have chosen Biblical Signs In The Headlines as their one-stop spot for News and Opinion. 

Now, let’s take a look back at the most popular articles from the past 12 months:


SUPERMOON of the Century: Largest Moon Since Israel’s Rebirth Rises {November 2016}


2nd Annual CHRISTMAS Special: Famous Christians Share Their Favorite Memories & Traditions

{December 2016} 

Defend The Jews: We Must NEVER FORGET The Holocaust {January 2017}

GRADING THE PRESIDENCY: Is Trump Keeping Or Breaking His Campaign Promises {February 2017}

TARGETING YOUR KIDS: Disney Joins Forces With Gay Lobby To Push LGBT Agenda On Children {March 2017} 

PASSOVER: The Biblical Prescription For God’s Protection {April 2017}

Trump-ing Truth: Blind Loyalty To The President Is Troubling And Dangerous {May 2017} 

Will God DIVIDE America?: Once-In-A-Century Total Solar Eclipse Could Be A FINAL WARNING {June 2017} 

TRANSGENDER INSANITY: God Created Male And Female .. PERIOD {July 2017} 

1st JUDGMENT Falls: On SAME DAY Trump Renews Israeli-Palestinian Peace Push, U.S. Hurricane FORMS {August 2017} 

2nd JUDGMENT: In SAME WEEK of Trump’s UNGA “Land For Peace” Push, ANOTHER Big Hurricane Targets USA {September 2017} 

HALLOWEEN: How Christians Can Illuminate The Secular World’s Celebration Of Darkness {October 2017}

Next, let’s take a look at the results of readers votes for the Top 7 Articles of all-time:


Finally, here are the Top 25 Articles of All-Time, determined by visitor statistics: 

▫ TOP 25 Articles Of All-Time ▫ 


25. GRADING THE PRESIDENCY: Is Trump Keeping Or Breaking His Campaign Promises? 



23. 2nd Annual CHRISTMAS SPECIAL: Famous Christians Share Their Favorite Memories & Traditions


22. May 14th, 1948: The REBIRTH Of Israel


21. A Year To Remember: 5777 Brought Historic Signs, Warnings, And Judgment


20. JERUSALEM: The Eternal Capital And Promised Land Of Israel ALONE


19. Demonic Indoctrination: The Devil In Your TV


18. I Stand Against PRIDE: Christians Cannot Stand With God AND The LGBT Movement ( So Pick A Side) 


17. INVEST IN ISRAEL: My Top 48 Israeli Stocks & A 3-Step Biblical Plan For Financial Security 


16. CHRISTMAS SPECIAL: An Interview With The Benham Brothers 


15. MoveTheEmbassy: President Trump Breaking His Biggest Campaign Promise To Israel 


14. The Pope’s Love Affair With Islam: Is Francis Revelation’s “False Prophet”? 


13. Signs In The Heavens Continue: SUPERMOON Rises On Feast of Tabernacles 


12. 1st Judgment Falls: On SAME DAY Trump Renews Israeli-Palestinian Peace Push, U.S. Hurricane FORMS 


11. SUPERMOON Of The Century: Largest Moon Since Israel’s Rebirth Rises Next Week 


10. TARGETING YOUR KIDS: Disney Joins Forces With Gay Lobby To Push LGBT Agenda On Children 


9. America’s Eclipse And JERUSALEM: The Remarkable Connection Amplifies God’s Warning 


8. Will God DIVIDE America?: Once-In-A-Century Total Solar Eclipse Could Be A FINAL WARNING 


7. The Most Anti-Israel President Of All-Time 


6. Why I Will WRITE-IN Ted Cruz, And Why No One Can Change My Mind 


5. 1st Judgment Falls: On SAME DAY Trump Renews Israeli-Palestinian Peace Push, U.S. Hurricane FORMS 


4. Canada’s WAR On Christians: Holy Bible CENSORED, And Biblical Beliefs CRIMINALIZED 


3. The Death Of A Muslim Boxer: The Trouble With Christian Celebrity Worship 


2. 5777: Year Of The RAPTURE? 

1. MATTHEW 24 Is Knocking At The Door: Biblically Named HURRICANE Could Strike America 



There you have it. Two years in the books, and over ONE MILLION souls reached with God’s Word of Truth. I promise even bigger and better things from Biblical Signs In the Headlines in Year 3, but not because I can see the future. I’m not a prophet, and I’m not a rich man who can buy lots of ad space to get my website into the mainstream. I’m just humble and wise enough to place this website and its future solely in God’s Hands. 


I know from the past 2 years, that when I do THAT, God takes Biblical Signs ITH to heights that I could have never imagined. I trust that He will continue to. Without Him, this website wouldn’t exist. Thanks be to God, and thanks be to all of you who have supported me and my work the past 2 years. 


Thanks for all of your interest, for spreading the word, and for sharing the articles and Audio Studies. While none of this would have been possible without God, I also believe that the website would not be as known as it is today if not for all of you, the faithful readers. 


One more big thanks goes out to my buds, the Benham Brothers, for all they have done and continue to do for Biblical Signs In The Headlines. May God continue to bless them, as well as the other famous Christians who have taken time to contribute. I will continue to do my utmost best, in word and deed, to make America JUDEO-CHRISTIAN again (MAJCA). Thanks for reading friends, and always remember that GOD’S WORD TRUMPS ALL. 



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Micha EL Sawdy is a Holy Bible-believing Conservative Christian, and the Founder and Author of BiblicalSignsInTheHeadlines.com

All views expressed by the author belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Little Bytes News.

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