How to Work From Home with Children (and Keep Your Sanity)

After working in the corporate world for seven years, I chose to stay home when I had my daughter. For me, it was an easy decision. It was a dead-end job and I’d had enough. I didn’t feel totally respected and the work was mind-numbingly dull.

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With teen mental health deteriorating over five years, there’s a likely culprit

In a new paper published in Clinical Psychological Science, my colleagues and I found that the increases in depression, suicide attempts and suicide appeared among teens from every background – more privileged and less privileged, across all races and ethnicities and in every region of the country. All told, our analysis found that the generation of teens I call “iGen” – those born after 1995 – is much more likely to experience mental health issues than their millennial predecessors.

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Perspectives On Gun Violence: Mass Shootings Are Not ‘Inevitable’; It Is ‘A Mental Health Issue’

In response to the weekend’s mass shooting in a small town in Texas, opinion writers offer their ideas on why gun violence continues to plague the United States.

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Don’t Suffer in Silence

Starting my second semester, my boyfriend and I went to the cafeteria for breakfast.  I began to have what I call the first panic attack of my adult life.

This panic attack changed the course of my entire second semester.  After feeling dizzy, shaky, and like I had “nowhere to run,” I never went to the cafeteria again.

This was the worst mistake I could have made, but at the time I was terrified to tell anyone.

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State Highlights: Nurses At Mass. Hospital Plan One-Day Strike; Calif. Free Health Clinic Draws 1,500 Patients

Media outlets report on news from Massachusetts, California, Missouri, Maryland and Virginia.

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Research Roundup: Hospital Transportation; Medicaid Expansion; Obesity Treatment

Each week, KHN compiles a selection of recently released health policy studies and briefs.

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15 Inspiring Quotes On World Suicide Prevention Day

Sunday was World Suicide Prevention Day 2017 and it is considered to be a day to raise awareness about suicide prevention and an attempt to change lives of thousands of people before it is too late to do something. This day was first commemorated in 2003 by the International Association of Suicide, this is the 15th…

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Health Hazards of Cell Phone Use

If you charge your phone while in bed beware of the fire hazards. In addition to fire safety, prolonged use of cell phones leads to stress, anxiety & more, including possible ADHD and poor eyesight.

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