Twitter Removes 2,752 Accounts Linked to Russian Operatives

While Facebook stated that as many as 80,000 posts, seen by up to 126 million Americans, were made by accounts connected to Russian operatives, Twitter revised their findings quite a bit as well. Since September they have found an additional 2,551 Russian accounts, bringing their total up to 2,752.

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Top Trump Campaign Manager Indicted and Foreign Policy Adviser Pleads Guilty

Monday it was revealed Paul Manafort and his business partner Richard Gates were charged with 12 crimes including “Conspiracy Against the United States”. The charges stem from money laundering and tax evasion efforts by the two and their joint company(s).

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2ND ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL: Over 1,000,000 Souls Reached

2 years ago today I penned the first article for Biblical Signs In The Headlines, and back then I don’t believe that anyone but God could have foreseen the website eclipsing 1,000,000 visitors by the 2nd Anniversary. Yet it has, praise the Lord. In just two short years, God has done so many amazing things for the website. 

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Was GWBs Presidency More Destructive Than Obama’s? Steve Bannon Thinks So

By Patricia Garza, Little Bytes News Editor and Founder Do you think George W Bush’s Presidency was most destructive in

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There was a time you could be called a proud Democrat and it would mean something. There was a time you could be called a dedicated Republican and you could take that to the bank.

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RACISM: What Does God Have To Say About It?

In my 2+ years of writing, I have only touched on the issue of Racism a few times. This is primarily because I do not believe we will ever eradicate the disgusting ideology if we pay its adherents attention. The mainstream media constantly has debates as to how we can stamp out Racism, but at the same time they air protests and rallies highlighting racist groups. The liberal media just adds more fuel to the dangerous fire and creates more division, not less.  This will be one of those rare articles where I will tackle the issue of racism head on, because it is again dominating the news and social media today. I want to explain what God has to say about racism, and how we Holy Bible believers are meant to respond to it. First off, there are whites and blacks who claim to be believers, yet they peddle divisive belief systems. They are not true believers, because the fact is that TRUE Christians can NEVER be racist.  The reason that this issue is taking center stage today is because Richard Spencer, who was responsible for the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville a few months back, is giving a […]

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Trump Unaware He’s The President Of U.S. Virgin Islands

Is President Donald Trump aware residents of the U.S. Virgin Islands are, in fact, Americans? It’s unclear. In a speech Friday, Trump said he’d recently “met with the president of the Virgin Islands” to discuss the recent hurricanes that have devastated Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and the island. But Trump could not have spoken to the…

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10 Celebrities Who Back the Second Amendment

There’s been a major disconnect in recent years between leftist Hollywood elites and regular, everyday Americans who often hold conservative beliefs. Following the recent Las Vegas shooting that left 59 dead and hundreds more injured, many celebrities or an outright repeal of the Second Amendment. While that may be the way the majority of celebrities think…

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Republicans Are Kicking People Off Food Stamps

The budget resolution passed by the House on Thursday will push millions of already struggling people off food stamps, leaving the neediest Americans—children and the elderly among them—without food. The $4.1-trillion budget will take over $150 billion away from several poverty programs, including the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which helps low-income people keep food on…

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The so-called Trump Campaign “investigation” is nothing more than a canard. But it is a lot more than meets the borscht. 

Remember when Trump said this March that he was being wiretapped by Obama at Trump Tower? Everybody, including Republicans, laughed at him.

How could this clueless inexperienced politician accuse the previous administration of what amounts to the seditious overthrow of an election? How

dare he tie that on the first black president of the United States?! DOG WHISTLE RACIST ALERT!

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