Gucci Wins Latest Round in Legal Battle With Forever 21

Monday’s decision to dismiss the fast fashion retailer’s complaint bodes well for the luxury brand in the ongoing trademark conflict.

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The Strategic and Tactical Balance Myth

Often when discussing strategy and tactics when it comes to getting work done the word “balance” comes up. The concept being, finding a point of harmony between the two sides so they each get equal consideration. It’s this mythical point of balance that many believe is the sweet spot they need to strive for. I say that the concept of balance between strategy and tactics is a myth.

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Why the Fall of Harvey Weinstein Signals the End of Fashion’s ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Practices

Weinstein’s accusers were muffled for more than two decades, but today’s connected world won’t tolerate this sort of behaviour in any industry, including fashion.

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Chinese Textile Giant Brings Factory Jobs to Struggling Arkansas Town

One of China’s biggest textile mills is planning its first North American factory in a small town in the southern U.S. state of Arkansas. Forrest City, located near the Mississippi River, is where the Chinese textile giant Shandong Ruyi plans a $410 million investment to spin yarn at a factory where local workers once built Japanese…

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Trump FCC advisors proposal to bring free Internet to poor people requires lifting net neutrality

Trump advisor says net neutrality hinderes free data services for the poor.
FCC leadership now fully supports zero-rating, the practice in which ISPs exempt some websites and online services from data caps, often in exchange for payment from the websites. Zero-rating is controversial in the US and abroad, with many consumer advocates and regulators saying it violates the net neutrality principle that all online content should be treated equally by network providers.

But some zero-rating proponents believe it can serve a noble purpose—bringing Internet access to poor people who otherwise would not be online. That’s the view of Roslyn Layton, who served on Trump’s FCC transition team, does telecom research at Aalborg University in Denmark, and works as a visiting fellow at the conservative American Enterprise Institute.

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How business intelligence can help non-techies use data analytics

Source The Next Web The world of #business intelligence (BI) is evolving. Big data is now moving from the sole

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FBI Director Nominee Says He Was Not Asked for Loyalty Oath

Trump’s nominee for FBI Director, Christopher Wray, assures Congress he will follow the law and Constitution to perform his duties. He took no loyalty oath.
It’s hard to understand the Trump administration continues to call the Russia investigation a ‘witch hunt’ despite the recently released emails Donald Trump Jr disclosed yesterday.

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It’s time for cameras to catch up to our smartphones

While professional cameras and photographers will likely never be replaced by smartphone technology it would be nice if smartphones could continue to improve. Samsung has had some of the best camera quality I’ve seen in the phones I’ve had, while LG is close behind. Apple smartphones have high quality cameras, but they also have a higher price tag. What smartphone cameras do you rate the best based on your experience?

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This Nigerian platform is working on solving the youth unemployment problem in Africa

Source The Next Web Youth unemployment is one of the ticking time-bombs facing Afrika. Take for instance two of the continent’s larger

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Check out NextWeb’s guide to the best Amazon Prime deals of 2017

Have you taken advantage of Amazon Prime Day specials? While it’s almost over, it’s not too late to order some last minute deals before 3am EST/12am PST!

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