Video:Was a US military helicopter SHOT DOWN by North Korea?

The helicopter came down in the Okinawa region near the village of Takamura Takae on Wednesday morning, local media reported.

Images taken from the scene showed the aircraft engulfed in a fireball with thick black smoke pouring into the sky.

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Giving Birth Is Hard Enough. Try It In The Middle Of A Wildfire.

Moms-to-be in labor had to be evacuated from Santa Rosa hospitals in the midst of the California wildfires.

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JUDGMENT BY FIRE: “Apocalyptic Scenes” In California As Wildfires Rage

Even Secular Mainstream Media News outlets are finding it hard to describe 2017’s recent wildfire outbreak without headlines and phrases depicting Biblical JUDGMENT. Among those that caught my eye were “Apocalyptic Scenes”, “Hell on earth”, “It’s like Armageddon is on”, “An inferno like we’ve never seen before”, and “Is the world ending or something?” None of these phrases were taken from Biblical News Sites, but all were found on secular news sites which normally mock God. The LORD certainly has a way of getting even the most hardened skeptic’s attention.  While there are wildfires every year in the United States and across the globe, this year’s outbreaks have been described as “unusual” and “unprecedented”. Most of the country has found it hard to ignore the current disaster in California, but other States have endured long bouts with fiery flames this year as well. As of October 11th, nearly 9 MILLION acres of land have been burned in the U.S., namely in Oregon, Washington, Montana, and California. This greatly eclipsed the last decade’s average of 6 million per year, which was already extremely high to begin with.  In September, an estimated 1,300,000 acres were burned up throughout Montana. Thus far, over […]

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New disclosure shows a casino guard alerted hotel to gunman before Vegas massacre began; so why did it take so long to stop him?

Before the Las Vegas massacre began, a wounded Mandalay Bay hotel security guard called hotel officials to warn them about a gunman on the 32nd floor, an investigator told the Los Angeles Times on Tuesday. But police did not arrive at the room where the guard had been shot until after Stephen Paddock had finished a…

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Why the Fall of Harvey Weinstein Signals the End of Fashion’s ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Practices

Weinstein’s accusers were muffled for more than two decades, but today’s connected world won’t tolerate this sort of behaviour in any industry, including fashion.

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Restaurant near University Of AZ closes after posting pro Trump Facebook post

Christopher Smith and Jay Warren.

The pair’s post laid out their political beliefs that included support for President Trump, standing for the national anthem and repealing Obamacare, and opposition to fake news and the concept of global warming.

That post, which went up at noon Friday, also announced that they would not broadcast NFL games at the restaurant in light of players’ kneeling during the anthem.

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10 Celebrities Who Back the Second Amendment

There’s been a major disconnect in recent years between leftist Hollywood elites and regular, everyday Americans who often hold conservative beliefs. Following the recent Las Vegas shooting that left 59 dead and hundreds more injured, many celebrities or an outright repeal of the Second Amendment. While that may be the way the majority of celebrities think…

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Dolphins OL coach Foerster resigns after video surfaces

Miami Dolphins offensive line coach Chris Foerster resigned Monday morning after a video surfaced showing him snorting an unknown white power substance off a table while at work. The Miami Herald first reported Sunday night the team was investigating the 56-second video that leaked online. “I am resigning from my position with the Miami Dolphins and…

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BENHAM BROS: Courageous Spiritual Fathers VS. Cowards Who Tuck And Run

(Via – If you’re a father sitting around the campfire with your family and you tuck tail and run when a wolf shows up, you’re not acting like a father – you’re acting like a coward.  Last week, the archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, tucked tail and ran when asked by GQ magazine if gay sex is sinful. The senior bishop of the Church of England “copped out” (in his own words), saying it was a question he “couldn’t give a straight answer to.”  That’s unfortunate.  He was clearly embarrassed by the question and waffled through the rest of the interview, even giving what seemed to be an approving nod toward homosexual relationships.  By the end of his “cop-out,” truth was nowhere to be found.  A.W. Tozer once said, “When we become so tolerant that we lead people into mental fog and spiritual darkness, we are not acting like Christians – we are acting like cowards.”  Unfortunately today, many priests – and even pastors – are just like the archbishop. They act more cowardly than fatherly as a wolf of sexual confusion robs, kills and destroys those under their care.  These guys may be able to teach, but they’re not […]

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Australians Surrender 51,000 Guns In Nationwide Amnesty

Australians have handed in 51,000 weapons during the first national gun amnesty in more than 20 years. Authorities in Australia believe the three-month gun amnesty that ran through Sept. 30 has made the country safer. By their count, 51,461 firearms were surrendered in Australia’s first no-questions-asked amnesty since a mass shooting in the state of Tasmania…

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